March 2023|Evenly Insights

How to Integrate Evenly into Your Customer Service Strategy

Customer service and deaf people celebrating teamwork

Creating an inclusive and accessible customer service experience is essential for modern businesses. To help organizations connect with deaf and hard-of-hearing customers, Evenly offers a remote video interpreting platform that enables seamless communication through sign language interpreters. In this blog post, we'll guide you through the steps to integrate Evenly into your customer service strategy and provide tips for effectively using the platform.

Getting Started with Evenly

Sign Up and Customize Your Account

Begin by signing up for an Evenly account. Customize your account to fit your brand and organization's needs, and add your team members. This process is quick and simple, allowing you to get started without any hassle.

Share Your Unique Evenly Link

After setting up your account, share your unique Evenly link with customers via your website, social media, or other communication channels. This link enables your customers to access your organization's video interpreting services.

Familiarize Your Customer Service Team

To ensure a smooth customer experience, familiarize your customer service representatives on how to use the Evenly platform effectively. It’s very simple to use, but you should provide them with guidelines on how to interact with deaf and hard-of-hearing customers, and interpreters during video calls. The team here at Evenly will be happy to help.

Maximizing the Benefits of Evenly

Offer Instant and Scheduled Calls

Allow your customers the flexibility to choose between instant and scheduled video calls. Instant calls enable customers to connect with an interpreter and your service agent without any delay, while scheduled calls allow customers to book a session in advance, ensuring availability at their preferred time.

Utilize Real-time Captioning

Evenly provides real-time multi-language captioning for your customers, ensuring they don't miss any important information. Encourage your customer service team to speak clearly and at a moderate pace to make the most of this feature.

Leverage Two/Three-Way Video Calls

Two-way video calls allow your customers to communicate in real-time with an interpreter, ideal for situations where the customer is physically present with your service agent. For remote customers, three-way video calls enable them to connect with both the interpreter and your agent simultaneously.

Monitor Call Booking and Management

Keep track of call bookings and manage them efficiently through the Evenly dashboard. This helps you monitor your team's performance and ensures that no customer is left waiting for assistance.

Encourage Document Sharing and Chat

Make use of Evenly's document sharing and chat features to provide customers with relevant information and resources during video calls. This enhances the customer experience and ensures they have all the necessary details.

Gather Customer Feedback and Insights

After each call, encourage customers to provide feedback through surveys. Analyze the data and make improvements to your services.