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Please note: All plans are billed annually. The monthly price is provided for budgeting convenience and reflects the cost per month when divided across the entire year.


€ 45.00€ 45.00
35.0029.00 /month

Features include:

  • Greek sign language interpreter
  • On-premise 2-way video with your agent/customer & interpreter
  • Remote 3-way video with your agent, customer & interpreter
  • Real-time captioning
  • Interpreter hoursWeekdays 8:00-16:00
  • Included call minutes /month
  • With interpreter15
  • Standard call100
  • Additional fee /min
  • With interpreter€2.15
  • Standard call€0.18
  • Instant call waiting time
  • With interpreter5 mins avg.
  • Standard callInstant
Show Details
  • Users2
  • System availability24 * 7
  • Translation languagesN/A
  • Chat logsno
  • Privacy Policy & Termsstandard


€ 135.00€ 135.00
89.0079.00 /month

All of Essential, plus:

  • Call booking & schedule management
  • Real-time chat
  • Document sharing
  • Customer questionnaires
  • Real-time translation (captions)
  • Interpreter hoursWeekdays 8:00-20:00
  • Included call minutes /month
  • With interpreter50
  • Standard call500
  • Additional fee /min
  • With interpreter€1.95
  • Standard call€0.15
  • Instant call waiting time
  • With interpreter2 mins avg.
  • Standard callInstant
Show Details
  • Users3
  • System availability24 * 7
  • Translation languages4
  • Chat logsno
  • Privacy Policy & Termsstandard


Contact UsContact Us
Contact Us

All of Advanced, plus:

  • Automatic call assignment
  • Call recording & storage
  • Interpreter hoursDaily 8:00-20:00
  • Included call minutes /month
  • With interpreter200
  • Standard call2,000
  • Additional fee /min
  • With interpreterCall
  • Standard callCall
  • Instant call waiting time
  • With interpreter0.5 mins avg.
  • Standard callInstant
Show Details
  • Users5
  • System availability24 * 7
  • Translation languages20
  • Chat logsyes
  • Privacy Policy & Termscustom
Call Minute Allocation and Overuse Charges

In your Evenly subscription plan, there are two types of call minutes:

1. Standard Call Minutes: These are the primary call minutes included in your plan. Standard Call Minutes can be used for any type of call facilitated through Evenly, with or without additional services such as an interpreter.

2. Interpreter Call Minutes: These are a subset of your Standard Call Minutes. They are specifically allocated for calls where an interpreter is required. The number of Interpreter Call Minutes is included within, not in addition to, your total allocation of Standard Call Minutes.

For example, on the Essential Plan, assuming you have a balance of 100 Standard Call Minutes and 15 Interpreter Call Minutes. If you utilize all 100 Standard Call Minutes (without using an interpreter), then it will not be possible to consume your allocation of Interpreter Call Minutes as well.

Additional Usage Charges: If you exceed your plan's included Standard Call Minutes or Interpreter Call Minutes, additional minutes will incur charges. The specific rates for additional Standard Call Minutes and additional Interpreter Call Minutes will vary based on your plan and are subject to change. These rates will be communicated to you via email to the address associated with your subscription.

Monthly Charge Limit: There is a monthly limit on the total amount that can be billed for additional minutes. Once this limit is reached, your ability to use Evenly may be temporarily paused. The exact limit is subject to change and will be communicated to you in the same manner as additional minute rates.

It's important to note that any changes to the rates for additional minutes or the monthly charge limit will be communicated to you in advance, providing you with the necessary information to manage your usage effectively.

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