June 2023|Evenly Insights

Promoting Inclusivity in Healthcare: The Role of Evenly in Serving Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Patients

Healthcare professional using video call to communicate with deaf person

Healthcare, with its vast and varied landscape, thrives on communication. Whether it's a quick consultation in a clinic or a detailed discussion in a dentist's office, the ability to communicate effectively is at the heart of every successful interaction. But for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community, this essential aspect often presents significant challenges. Enter Evenly, a revolutionary platform designed to enhance accessibility and inclusivity in healthcare.

The Challenge of Healthcare Communication

For deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals, visiting a pharmacy, clinic, or dentist can be an intimidating experience. Complex terminologies, masked faces, and a fast-paced environment can lead to misunderstandings and can sometimes result in compromised healthcare delivery. The need for a solution is clear.

Introducing Evenly in Healthcare

Evenly's innovative video platform is changing the game in the healthcare sector by bridging the communication gap between healthcare professionals and the deaf and hard-of-hearing community.

Through our platform, patients can connect with interpreters who can facilitate real-time sign language interpretation, ensuring they fully understand their diagnosis, prescription instructions, or treatment options.

See Evenly in action

Face-to-Face and Remote Interactions

Evenly is versatile and can be leveraged in various healthcare settings. For face-to-face interactions in clinics, dentists, or pharmacies, Evenly can be used via a tablet or a similar device. The interpreter can translate the healthcare professional's speech into sign language, and the patient's signs into spoken words, providing a seamless conversation.

When it comes to telehealth, Evenly shines brightly. With our platform, remote consultations become as inclusive as in-person ones. Doctors can conduct video calls with their deaf or hard-of-hearing patients and an interpreter, ensuring that communication is as clear and effective as possible.


Accessibility and inclusivity in healthcare are not just about ramps and wide doorways; it's about ensuring that every patient, regardless of their hearing abilities, has equal access to effective communication. Evenly's commitment to breaking down barriers and enhancing communication in healthcare represents a major step forward in this important journey. With Evenly, healthcare experiences for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community are transformed. They can walk into a pharmacy, dental office, or clinic with confidence, knowing they will be fully understood and that they will understand the information given to them.