February 2024|Success Story

Making Communication with the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing a Reality, with Evenly: A Case Study with PPC

Deaf family using video call to communicate with PPC
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Evenly, an inclusion-technology platform specializing in communication accessibility, partnered with the Public Power Corporation (PPC) to transform the lives of the deaf and hard of hearing population in Greece. This case study outlines the transformative journey of eliminating communication barriers and empowering disabled individuals with Evenly.


The Public Power Corporation (PPC), the biggest energy provider in Greece, recognized the need to ensure equal access to its products and services for the deaf and hard of hearing community. According to Jenny Tantidou, Co-Founder, Evenly, “conventional communication methods were falling short, and a pioneering solution was required to support the biggest disabled community, estimated at approx. 8% of the population, or about 800,000 people.”


Evenly stepped in with its cutting-edge technology platform, offering real-time subtitles and seamless access to sign language interpreters.

George Makris, Director of Customer Communications, PPC, said “our objective was to provide tangible accessibility to our deaf and hard of hearing customers. We selected the Evenly inclusion-tech communication platform, offering automatic, real-time subtitling and sign language interpretation. Evenly's user-friendly interface and availability on all devices enabled our customers to communicate with PPC without barriers. We called it “Service for All.”


The implementation process was smooth and efficient. Evenly seamlessly integrated with PPC's existing infrastructure, ensuring minimal disruption to daily operations. The platform was tailored to meet the unique needs of PPC's diverse customer base.

Panos Konstantinidis, Co-Founder, Evenly, explains: “We followed the guidance of the Federation of the Deaf and our scientific Advisor, Assistant Professor, Mrs. Sapountzaki. So, we tailored Evenly to meet the needs of both PPC and its customers with hearing difficulties. The integration of Evenly happened very quickly and without burdening PPC. As a matter of fact, we went from initial decision to go-live in less than 2 months. Furthermore, having Evenly hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud, we had peace of mind that our platform was secure and scalable without limitations.”

Microsoft’s Azure technology specifically contributed to the effectiveness of Evenly’s platform. As part of the Microsoft Founders Hub and ISV Success programs and hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud, the Evenly platform was able to leverage advanced resources and benefits to provide PPC with an innovative solution, that improves the quality of life of the deaf and hard of hearing.

As Mylaidie Stoumpou, Sr. Regional Director (CEMA), Microsoft, puts it: “We are very glad that Microsoft was instrumental to the Evenly platform for such a great ESG initiative by the PPC, with strong social impact. Inclusion is a key element in Microsoft’s value list. We expect many more companies to follow PPC’s example, especially in alignment with the European Accessibility Act directive. Microsoft is here to support them.


Since the implementation of Evenly's platform, PPC witnessed remarkable results:

  • A significant reduction in communication barriers for the deaf and hard of hearing population, as automatic, real-time subtitles and sign language interpreters enabled smooth interactions with PPC.
  • High satisfaction scores from both PPC customers and PPC customer support agents.
  • PPC received distinctions and awards for ‘Service for All’

The Federation of the Deaf was excited to see the PPC provide inclusive communication to our community. Konstantinos Simpsis, President of the Federation of the Deaf, hailed PPC’s initiative: “Evenly's collaboration with PPC showcases the profound impact of technology in enhancing our quality of life and eliminating exclusions. We were also glad that the Evenly team has listened carefully to our input about the needs of our community and provided a feature-rich and useful platform to PPC for the benefit of the deaf and hard of hearing.”


The impact of Evenly's platform extended beyond communication accessibility:

  • Deaf and hard of hearing individuals gained equal access to essential services, including customer support and information.
  • Enhanced collaboration between PPC and its diverse customer base.
  • Contribution to Greece's compliance with the European Accessibility Act (2019/882).

The way forward

PPC is committed to expanding the use of Evenly's platform, ensuring that accessibility becomes a standard across all sectors. The success achieved with "Service for all" serves as a model for future accessibility initiatives in Greece. By breaking communication barriers, Evenly and PPC have paved the way for a more inclusive and accessible future in Greece, fulfilling a vital societal need.

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